• Forged In Fire

    Years back, Chris and his son sat down for a new show where chunks of raw steel were being shoved in boxes of fire and beaten into knife shaped objects and dunked into buckets of oil resulting in insanely huge fireballs and as it seemed, by magic or luck, a hardened usable blade that would be brutally tortured. If it was still in one piece it would then be used to delicately slice a tomato paper thin. “I wish we could do that Daddy”!, his son said, “Oh yeah, Daddy does too buddy”!

  • I Think We Can

    Well dad had been making things his whole life but hadn’t ever made a knife. So Chris and his son got down to researching and gathering tools and knowledge for beating hot steel into shape and producing our own wood and laminated handle materials. Chris’ son preferred using files and other hand work techniques and doing the torture tests, Chris’ efficiency minded machinist side and perfectionistic tendency just couldn’t help but set to work designing in CAD/CAM to blend the ancient art of knifemaking with the refined mechanistic art of modern manufacturing.

  • Thank Your Children for Inspiring You

    While Chris’ son ended up making (and gleefully torture testing) some respectable blades and got his anvil arm strong, as many of you can relate to, his interest waned and shifted elsewhere. However, Pops was hooked and already fully invested! Making parts or bringing usefulness back to worn items that have long stopped having replacements available is a noble pursuit but producing a well crafted useful tool that will last a lifetime really has no comparison.

  • A New American Manufacturer is Born

    With more and more specialized machines and tooling brought in, designs prototyped, new processes proved out and skills built, we saw that the high quality items we were producing here ourselves in the U.S.A. were needed and in demand by others as well. While heating and beating gave way to computer design and modern machining practices, Chris has succeeded in helping his sons dream become reality and with his continued encouragement, yet weaker anvil arm, HazeTac was born.

  • The HazeTac Core

    Building upon our own personal love and demand for high quality well-chosen materials, excellent fit and finish, and American made products, our oath to our customers is that every product that leaves our door will have been designed, constructed, hand-fitted, and performing to the exact same standard that we want and have for ourselves! We don’t know any other way